Leave your general feedback and film suggestions here – requests are limited to availability of source files. All source files must be original VOB files from DVD.

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Waves of Lust (1975), if you’re able to get it. I think it has Italian audio and English subtitles at least


Damned in Venice (1978)? More gialli/slashers in general would be great, if you can. Thanks!

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Any chance you could do Prom Night 3 and/or 4?


Would love to see The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (1989), a very classy British Gothic horror, which is DVD only as far as I can ascertain. Upscaled or PAL DVD 576p is equally fine. Thanks for all your effort and time, we do appreciate it.

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Would it be possible to upscale American Nightmare (1983) and Iced (1988) thanks


Death Carries a Cane (1973), thank you!

Paul King

Would you please upload Venom 2005. The Blu Ray is 1:78:1 while the DVD is the original 2:35:1 Panavision.


Thanks for upscale Stepfater 2 looks really great. It is any chance that you also upscale Stepfather III (1992) so we can enjoy entire trilogy in HD


Hi As a big fan of obscure slasher movies I like to ask if is any chance to upscale any of this movies (or all of them) : Home Sweet Home (1981), Ghost Dance (1982) and Funeral Home (1980), Respect what you doing for horror lovers !


Hi! Whenever I try to get any of the upscales since they moved over to their own page, I get an error saying ‘account missing’, and when I check the link it says they’re premium subscriber only, are they all only going to be available for people who have a premium account with the host? Cheers!


Any chance you you could get Sorority House Massacre II (1990) and Hard to Die/Sorority House Massacre III (1990)? Thanks for everything you’ve done so far and keep up the great work.


Hello, can you please upscale Sex of the Witch (1973)? Thank you

Paul King

Would you have Wes Craven’s Cursed Unrated in the original 2:35:1 Panavision from the original DVD release? The one from Genious Products with the red cover.


Hello, i am looking for The devils wedding night, and The hanged woman,with Paul Naschy.thank you.


Hi Could it be possible to upscale Rocktober Blood (1984) and Terror on Tour (1980) appreciate your input into this work


Thanks for In the Folds of the Flesh and Top Sensation, they look great! Question for you, are you able to get files from IcerBox? They have a number of Mondo Macabro DVDs that could use some upgrading


Jess Franco’s “Mansion of the Living Dead”. Appreciate all ur work


Could you please do In the Folds of the Flesh (1970) and Top Sensation (1969)? Thanks for your work!


Hi, if that is possible I would like to ask you to upscale Blood Tracks (1985) Great Site !

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Ghost fever 1987