SpookyFlix, as many of you already know, is our movie sharing service that shares HD movies with the worldwide horror community. Since the beginning of SpookyFlix in 2018, we have received requests for many films that have not yet made it to blu-ray/HD format for whatever reason. Indeed, in most cases it appears there are no plans to do so. We have no intentions of adding SD/DVD quality films to the website so we invested in the latest AI technology.

AI technology has gotten a lot better over the past several months so we decided the time was right to implement it and bring you HD copies of these neglected DVDs. This software has become the key component to our 4 step upscale process that involves almost 3tb of disc space per project and a better than average GPU. It is a simple process but very time consuming and resource intensive. It is for these reasons that we decided we could not bring them to you on SpookyFlix for free so we set up an economical option in the form of a subscription service. The file sharing service we use that allows us to do this gives us a percentage of all sales to help with our costs.

We also have an FTP server in place in case you wish to submit DVDs that you may own for upscaling. Additionally, we accept donations for more DVDs to upscale and you are welcome to include your suggestion(s) for a DVD to be purchased. We want to get the DVDs that you want to see so we take the suggestions seriously.

In addition to the subscriptions we offer perks. Most subscribers will qualify for an invitation to the private horror movie streaming service named HorrorPlex. It gives you access to 100s of modern horror movies that have been curated from various “premium” streaming services and sites. It uses PLEX so it is beneficial to create your free PLEX account in advance. No other fees are involved as this is a totally free perk offered by us. Other perks to be announced as time goes by ….

Above all else, this is another site that was created for the enjoyment of the horror fan and especially the horror fans in countries or regions that have little to no access to these movies. We hope you enjoy these professional-grade upscales that are exclusive to this site and now you are one of the privileged few to have access to them.




– SpookyFlix “Upscales” Admin


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